Cash At POS Machine

Ongo Bp50 Cash At Pos Machine

Rs. 4,500

Spice Cash At Pos Machine

Rs. 5,000

Ongo Bp50 Cash At Pos Machine

Rs. 6,435Rs. 6,500  (1% Off)

Best CASH AT POS machine:

India is one of the known brands in the market which deals with several POS terminal
which provide cash at POS facility. The benefits of cash at POS machine is to provide small cash from
Rs.100 to Rs.2000 to small and needy person who don’t have hard cash and there is no Bank ATM or
nearby Bank Branch.

The person who needs cash can visit to nearby shops or outlet and ask him to swipe his card and in
return pay cash within no time. Benefits of installing Cash at POS machine by Shopkeepers or
1. Low Investment in Installing of this POS Machine: Its varies from Brand to Brand, generally
one can buy at Rs.1000 to Rs.7000.
2. Good Commission to agents: When customer does swipe .he gets commission which ranges
from Rs.1.50 per transaction to Rs.7 per transaction. These people can keep small cash and
earn Rs.500 to Rs.1000 per days.
3. UPSelling: Once customer visits to retail outlet for small cash, he can also sell his traditional
products and hence increase his revenue.

Various Brands which provide cash at POS Machine

1. ONGO BP50 and BP5000-All cards accepted Rupay, Visa and Master.
2. Spice Mobile point sale :ME305/Mosambee MPOS-All card Accepted
3. Payswiff MPOS machine: Best Commission for cash at POS transaction
4. D180 and D200 Debit and Credit swipe machine.
5. ITZ cash paytivo 6210 and 7210 along with firstData Swipe machine of ICICI BANK.
Trusted Suppliers: When one need this facility buyer also need trusted brand along with suppliers.
Being online market place, buyers need to verify the products he need and then compare it to others
features and facility in machine. We deliver this machine in various parts of
India.Bihar,Jharkhand,West Bengal.Odissa ,Uttar Pradesh are the major are we work, so request
buyers not to worry and order instantly either directly with the company or directly with vendors at
their local area.

Best Commission to agents and distributors:

Since Indiaeasymart is also work like aggregators one need, buyer need not worry about
commission it can earn, we provide best commission in India. We also appoint Distributors and
super distributors. All the payout are done either on real time in Spice Money MPOS or T+ 1 basis
settlement next day in their registered banks accounts.