POP can change the look of your home

A trend to follow, which introduces our eyes with a uniqueness of a dropped ceiling or a second ceiling. It is named as such because sometimes, “what appears to our eyes is not what we expect”. Starting from Japan, the same has gained a desire in the hearts of people even today. It makes the place beautiful and an attraction for the eye.

What is POP?

Made of Gypsum, the Plaster of Paris or the POP is one of the main ingredient used for designing of ceilings. It is also used to design the walls of a particular place. The POP powder is just needed to be mixed with the water and the material is all ready to be used on the ceilings and the walls.

POP gives you a lot of advantages

  1. Durability- The durability of this product is high.
  2. Weight- The weight of the particular material is light and can be easily handled.
  3. Resistance with fire- The material has good resistance with fire and is considered to be one of the materials which insulate heat.
  4. No flexibility to changes- The material once fixed, is fixed. It is not easy to remove POP and hence one must be very careful before they use the same.
  5. Flexibility with the number of uses- The mixture of POP can be given any shape using the material and one can use the same as a part of the decoration material.
  6. Features- It provides great shine together with high smoothness no matter the same is used colourless or has some colour mixed with the content. It takes care of the colour and holds it making the use of the same attractive enough for the user's eye.


Fixed nature- Once it gets fixed, it is hard to make changes to the shapes and size for which the same is used. It requires high responsibilities to take care of the same.

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